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Located in a natural setting where pine forests, ocher or white rocks, vineyards  and terraces  to the Mediterranean Sea.

Cassis is protected by two monuments of nature that are Cap Canaille (more high maritime cliff of Europe) glowing in mistral weather and the Calanques of white limestone.

The magic atmosphere already operates on the small road that leads to the village between vineyards and pine forest.

The charm is revealed through the narrow streets and squares surrounded  colorful fishermen's houses.

When you see Cassis for the first time, you never forget it !


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Hôtel des Quatre Dauphins
54 Rue Roux Alpheran
13100 Aix-en-Provence

Tél : 04 42 38 16 39
Fax: 04 42 38 60 19
Email : lesquatredauphins@wanadoo.fr

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