Hôtel de Gallifet

Located in the heart of Aix-en-Provence, a stone's throw from the Fountain Quatre Dauphins, Hôtel de Gallifet has been dedicated since July 2010 to becoming a place of exchange and artistic encounters for all art lovers. Convinced that "artists are better able than others to talk to us about our times" Nicolas Mazet has opened the doors of this family home wide to allow everyone to measure and understand the world in which we live with a different perspective.

In the shade of century-old trees, six large exhibition rooms offer visitors a choice of contemporary artists and talents. Timeless confrontations from a time when the gaze of Paul Cézanne, a young pupil of the nearby Bourbon College, lingered on the ochre stone of this beautiful 18th century mansion.

This innovative Art Centre in the city of Aix-en-Provence through the multiple forms of expression it exhibits, has an artist's residence and offers, depending on the season, open-air concerts and a programme of conferences around a personality of art. From June to September, a simple and refined catering service allows you to have lunch in the garden, to have tea or to taste the rosé wine of the house in the evening.


Joaquin Sorolla Lumières Espagnoles

In 2020, the hotel Caumont Art -center honors Joaquin Sorolla

(1863-1923) one of the biggest names of spanish painting of the 20 century


The Granet Museum has one of the largest collections of ancient Egyptian art. Exactly twenty-five years after the first exhibition devoted to it, two years before the bicentenary of the discovery of hieroglyphics by Jean-François Champollion, the Granet Museum's entire Egyptian collection will be presented to the public from 19th September 20, to February 14th 2021 as part of the "Pharaoh, Osiris and the Mummy" exhibition, which will include more than 200 pieces of the highest quality, supplemented by works from the Louvre.

From September 19 th to february 14 th 2021 at Granet Museum


More informations on website Granet Museum

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Hôtel des Quatre Dauphins
54 Rue Roux Alpheran
13100 Aix-en-Provence

Tél : 04 42 38 16 39
Fax: 04 42 38 60 19
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